Health Innovation week runs from the 19th to the 24th November 2016. All of the events are aimed towards inspiring clinicians, university students, children of all ages and the general public to think about modern healthcare. Click 'View Events' to find out more about all of the events that will take place and how to register for them! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest news!

Health Innovation Week is a set of 4 different events revolving around technology in healthcare. Events are focused on creating a public awareness of the amazing projects underway in Irelands health system.

One of the objectives is to inspire clinicians, university students, children of all ages and the general public to think about modern healthcare. We want to put Digital Health at the heart of national agenda.

This section of the exhibition will be taken-over by suppliers, SMEs, start-ups and the QIC Programme, which is an eHealth Ireland internal innovation programme to demonstrate their disruptive technologies and innovative platforms capable of transforming the Irish healthcare system by 2020.  These companies have been interacting and developing partnerships with Irish healthcare system working with the Health Innovation Hub and eHealth Connect programmes. This interactive section will allow patients, healthcare professionals and the general public an opportunity to see, touch and try some of the platforms that are going to be the systems of the future and enable the companies to engage with the potential users of their technology.

Richard Corbridge said:

“Disruption in health is here. Digital Health is a pre requisite, a driving force amongst healthcare and mobile is to be the dominant platform to access digital information. Research has found that 83% of businesses will be digital by 2020 we need to work with SME’s and the public to be innovative and iterative in our projects to provide the appropriate health care that citizens need.” 

The minister Simon Harris commented at eReferrals launch:

“The delivery of eHealth to the doctors and nurses of Ireland is such a positive development and I am pleased to announce that eHealth Ireland will host a two day eHealth showcase in November at the Trinity Science Gallery.  This innovation showcase will enable anyone in Ireland to see the work that has already been done in the last 18 months and be part of the future development of technologies that will make real progress for people in their interactions with health services.”

Ensuring a sustainable legacy is key to the success of the projects. With this in mind, eHealth Ireland is working with Temple Street Children’s Hospital to facilitate the continued hosting of the innovation centre beyond the exhibition, ensuring that the projects are developed and further innovation encouraged into the future.  To ensure nationwide participation and engagement, elements of the exhibition will be rotating around other venues in Ireland including other Irish Hospital groups. eHealth Ireland will be working to inform schools and universities  about the event encouraging engagement and continued education around all the developments in health both in the Science Gallery and with future hosts of the Innovation Showcase.