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Sex hormones

There are two kinds of sex hormones: androgens and estrogens. androgens are the ones that make your body make male and female sex hormones. The testosterone in testosterone blockers is called testosterone. Androgens are mainly found in plants, and are produced in animals such as fish, birds and reptiles. In humans, testosterone is made in our bodies by the ovaries. This ovary is the only place on the body where it is made, so it is called the androgen receptor. It is responsible for making androgen like testosterone. If the estrogen receptor doesn't work properly in your body, and if you have too little estrogen in your system, testosterone can be the cause of these symptoms.

The testicles are located in the male reproductive organs, where they release a hormone called testosterone. If the levels of testosterone in your body are too low or too high, you may have an under-active estrogen receptor and may have male sexual characteristics such as male-pattern baldness.

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