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For those who are new to fitness training or who want to learn how to become a better fitness trainer, here are the 5 most important exercises that have proven themselves to be the best. I'm only going to list the most effective exercises I've found for those who want to become more effective at fitness training. Exercise #1: The "Dips" You've probably seen the dips and pullups. It's simple, simple, simple, and that's why you like it. The dips is a simple exercise that can make you stronger. You can either do it from a standing position on the ground or from the bottom of a bench. So, here is how to do the dips: 1. Place your hands on your chest, your arms above your head, and your legs in a straight line. 2. Slowly drop your weight down until your legs are straight. 3. Don't pull on your arms or legs as the dip goes down. 4. Hold the bottom position for at least 10 seconds. 5. Then release. 6. Repeat 3-5 times. After a few attempts you will know exactly what you are doing and it will become second nature.


How it works: When you hold the bottom position for as long as possible, your body automatically releases its stored glycogen in the muscles.

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