Innovation Showcase
Dublin Castle, Printworks
23rd of October 2017

The Innovation Showcase will demonstrate to the public, the progress in the creation of a digital fabric that is transforming the Irish healthcare system. eHealth Ireland will take over the Printworks for a special one- day exhibition, presentations and series of workshops to reveal highlights of eHealth projects in Ireland and showcase the leading digital and connected technologies, which will revolutionise Irish healthcare by 2030.

eHealth Digital Natives Competition

Innovation, Education and Technology combined! Kids from primary and secondary schools entering a competition to see which digital native has the next great digital health idea!

This year, eHealth Ireland, eir and Microsoft want to offer your school the chance to be a part of the showcase by challenging your students to think about the impact technological innovation will have on healthcare by 2030. We want students to share their vision with us and we want them to think BIG. Creativity is encouraged and ideas or visions can be showcased in a variety of formats.


a) Physical: Drawings, diagrams, schematics, log books, photographs of models/sculptures or any 3D work.


b) Digital: Minecraft World submissions, CAD Drawings or any multimedia format (photographs, videos, etc).

Submit your entries by October 5th, 2017 to:

Download the below PDF for more information.

Digital Natives Competition


  • Shortlisted schools will have the opportunity to attend the e-Health Innovation Showcase in Dublin Castle on October 23 rd, 2017.
  • Pupils will come face to face with some of the most advanced, revolutionary technologies altering the landscape of healthcare globally.
  • Shortlisted entrants will have the chance to present their idea on the day and be paired up with a mentor in the areas of technology and innovation to develop their idea further.

Interactive International Start-up Exhibition

Startups and small business from around the world will showcase their exciting and innovative digital health ideas. There was over 179 Irish companies who received €723 million in funding last year and with nearly 35% of these health startups working in eHealth, this will be an exciting and interesting space to visit.

Technologies of the Future! in Exhibition

We will be collaborating with our partners to have amazing technologies of the future, such as VR and AI showcased at the event for all to interact with and learn about what the art of the possible is in health care! We will also have the Da Vinci Robot there for people to interact and play with.

Digital Enablement

We will be collaborating with the RCSI to support our Non Consultant Hospital Doctors supplying them with technology to support and enable them in their new roles.

Office Hours with Leadership Team

A unique opportunity to meet the Leadership team of eHealth Ireland. You can register for the chance to sit down and discuss with your views on eHealth, the possibilities, and direction for the future.

Innovation Presentations

In this space presentations from innovation, disruption and health world experts will happen throughout the day. Inspiring and educating on the breakthroughs happening in health and the art of the possible.

Digital Clinicians

Throughout the day there will be presentations from clinicians, as well as a very special international CCIO panel discussion, to share and encourage innovation in healthcare.